Our Manufacturing

We produce drugs in solid oral dosage forms such as tablets, two‐piece hard‐shell capsules, syrups and dry suspensions. We market our products to wholesalers, distributors, government and military hospitals across the country. The power of quality present in our medicines gives you the power to look, feel, and be healthy.

Product List

Product Name Generic Name Packaging
Azifine Capsules 250mg Azithromycin (as dihydrate)1x10's
Azifine Capsules 250mg Azithromycin (as dihydrate) 1x6's
Boxef Capsules 500mg Cefadroxil 1x12's
Boxef Dry Suspension 125mg Cefadroxil 60ml
Boxef Dry Suspension 250mg Cefadroxil 60ml
Cipropar Tablets 250mg Ciprofloxacin (as hydrochloride) 1x10's
Cipropar Tablets 500mg Ciprofloxacin (as hydrochloride) 1x10's
Doxydix Capsules 100mg Doxycycline (as hyclate) 5x10's
Doxydix Capsules 100mg Oxycycline (as hyclate) 10x10's
Erydix Tablets 250mg Erythromycin (as stearate) 1x10's
Erydix Tablets 500mg Erythromycin (as stearate) 1x10's
Fustexim Injection 1gCefatoxime (as sodium)1 Vial
Fustexim Injection 250mgCefatoxime (as sodium)1 Vial
Fustexim Injection 500mgCefatoxime (as sodium)1 Vial
Idecef Capsules 250mgCefaclor1x12's
Idecef Capsules 500mgCefaclor1x12's
Idecef Dry Suspension 125mgCefaclor60ml
Idecef Dry Suspension 250mgCefaclor60ml
Lincomydix Capsules 500mgLincomycin (as HCI)1x12's
Macpar Tablets 250mgClarithromycin1x10's
Macpar Tablets 500mgClarithromycin1x10's
Moxidix Tablets 400mgMoxifloxacin1x5's
Nefdoxim Capsules 100mgCefpodoxime1x10's
Nefdoxim Dry Suspension 40mgCefpodoxime50ml
Neocefin Injection 1gCeftriaxone (as Sodium)1 Vial
Neocefin Injection 250mgCeftriaxone (as Sodium)1 Vial
Neoqulon Tablets 250mgLevofloxacin1x10's
Neoqulon Tablets 500mgLevofloxacin1x10's
Sincef Capsules 250mgCephradine1x12's
Sincef Capsules 500mgCephradine1x12's
Sincef Dry Suspension 125mgCephradine60ml
Sincef Dry Suspension 250mgCephradine60ml
Spanix Capsules 400mgCefixime1x5's
Spanix Dry Suspension 100mgCefixime30ml
Spanix-DS Dry SuspensionCefixime30ml
Taridix Tablets 200mgOfloxacin1x10's
Taridix Tablets 400mgOfloxacin1x10's
Anti Ulcerants
Esofix Capsules 200mgEsomeprazole2x7's
Esofix Capsules 40mgEsomeprazole2x7's
H-Gone TabletsPantoprazole1x14'sv
Gastorid Tablets 150mgItopride1x10's
Neomep Capsules 20mgOmeprazole1x14's
Neomep Capsules 40mgOmeprazole2x7's
Neolans Capsules 30mgLansoprazole2x7's
Neocane SuspensionAntacid120ml
Neojex SuspensionAntacid / Antifatulent120ml
Neofam Suspension 60mlFamotidine60ml
Neofam Tablets 20mgFamotidine2x10's
Neofam Tablets 40mgFamotidine1x10's
Sucralix SuspensionSucralfate60ml
Sucralix Tablets 500mgSucralfate2x10's
Renatil SuspensionRanitidine60ml
Renatil SuspensionRanitidine120ml
Acetor TabletsParacetamol + Orphenadrine Citrate10x10's
Dexodix Tablets 200mg Dexibuprofen 3x10's
Dexodix Tablets 400mg Dexibuprofen 3x10's
Neofenik-50 Tablets Diclofenac Potassium 2x10's
Neofenik-75 Tablets Diclofenac Potassium 2x10's
Neomef Suspension Mefenamic Acid 60ml
Neomef Tablets 500mg Mefenamic Acid 10x10's
Neonac Suspension Ibuprofen + Pseudeoephedrine 60ml
Neoprofen Suspension Ibuprofen 60ml
Neoprofen Suspension Ibuprofen 90ml
Neoprofen Suspension Ibuprofen 450ml
Neoprofen Tablets 400mg Ibuprofen 25x10's
Neoprofen Tablets 600mg Ibuprofen 3x10's
Neoprofen Tablets 600mg Ibuprofen 600's
Neosaid Tablets 275mg Naproxen Sodium 3x10's
Neosaid Tablets 550mg Naproxen Sodium 2x10's
Tempnil Suspension Paracetamol 90ml
Tempnil Tablets 500mg Paracetamol 20x10's
Nexofen Tablets 120mg Fexofenadine 1x10's
Nexofen Tablets 180mg Fexofenadine 1x10's
Nexofen Tablets 60mg Fexofenadine 1x10's
Neozine Oral Solution Cetirizine (as 2HCI) 60ml
Neozine Tablets 10mg Cetirizine (as 2HCI) 1x10's
Monekast Drops 4mg/ml Montelukast Sodium 28ml
Monekast Tablets 10mg Montelukast Sodium 1x14's
Monekast Tablets 4mg Montelukast Sodium 1x14's
Monekast Tablets 5mg Montelukast Sodium 1x14's
Loratodix Syrup Loratadine 30ml
Loratodix Syrup Loratadine 60ml
Loratodix Tablets 10mg Loratadine 1x10's
Zatox Syrup Ketotifen 60ml
Zatox Tablets 1mg Ketotifen 3x10's
General Products
Albendix 200 Syrup Albendazole 10ml
Alfadix Tablets 0.5 mcgAlfacalcidol 1x10's
Alonate D Tablets Aledronate Sodium 70mg 1x4's
Bretheez E Syrup Salbutamol + Guaifenesin 60ml
Bretheez E Syrup Salbutamol + Guaifenesin 120ml
Bretheez Syrup Salbutamol 60ml
C-Nil Capsules 400mg Ribavirin 1x10's
C-Nil Tablets 600mg Ribavirin x10's
Calfit Syrup Calcium Phosphate + Vitamin D3 120ml
Calfit Syrup Calcium Phosphate + Vitamin D3 240ml
Calvit Syrup Calcium Gluconate + Vitamin B12 120ml
Cavidix Suspension 0.5mg Entecavir (as monohydrate) 120ml >
Cavidix Tablets 0.5mg Entecavir (as monohydrate) 3x10's r>
Davidix Syrup Cough Linctus 90ml
Dopamat Tablets 250mgMethyl Dopa10x10's
E-Therol Capsules 200mgAlpha Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E)10x10's
E-Therol Capsules 400mgAlpha Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E)10x10's
E-Therol Capsules 600mgAlpha Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E)10x10's
Eram Tablets 10mgEscitalopram1x14's
Eram Tablets 10mgEscitalopram2x14's
Eram Tablets 20mgEscitalopram1x14's
Eram Tablets 20mgEscitalopram2x14's
Feplus B LiquidFerrous Sulphate + Vitamins60ml
Hemorose F SyrupIron Polymaltose Complex + Folic Acid60ml
Hemorose F SyrupIron Polymaltose Complex + Folic Acid120ml
Hemorose F TabletsIron Polymaltose Complex + Folic Acid1x10's
Hemorose SyrupIron Polymaltose Complex60ml
Hemorose SyrupIron Polymaltose Complex120ml
Hemorose TabletsIron Polymaltose Complex1x10's
Maxomide SyrupMetoclopramide HCI20ml
Maxomide SyrupMetoclopramide HCI50ml
Medel SuspensionMetronidazole + Diloxanide60ml
Mediolon SuspensionMetronidazole Benzoate + Di60ml
Metroxin SuspensionMetronidazole Benzoate60ml
Metroxin Tablets 400mgMetronidazole Benzoate2x10's
Metroxin Tablets 400mgMetronidazole Benzoate10x10's
Mosart 40 TabletsArtemether 40mg1x10's
Mosart 80 TabletsArtemether 80mg1x10's
Mosart TabletsArtemether 20mg + Lumefantrine16's
Neobex SyrupMultivitamins60ml
Neobex SyrupMultivitamins120ml
Neocopan–P TabletsHyosine (as Butylvromide) 10mg10x10's
Neolac SyrupLactulose120ml
Neolyte LiquidOral Electrolyte Solution500ml
Neopaz DropsHyoscyamine Sulphate10ml
Neoperi SuspensionDomperidone60ml
Neoperi SuspensionDomperidone120ml
Neoperi Tablets 10mgDomperidone5x10's
Neoquin Suspension 500mg Cloroquine (as Phosphate) 60ml
Neoquin Tablets 50mg Cloroquine (as Phosphate) 30x10's
Neosidar Syrup Sulfadoxine + Pyrimethamine 15ml
Neosidar Syrup Sulfadoxine + Pyrimethamine 30ml
Neosidar Tablets 500mg Sulfadoxine + Pyrimethamine 1x10's
Neozinc Suspension 20mg Zinc Sulphate 60ml
Neozinc Suspension 20mg Zinc Sulphate 100ml
Neozinc Suspension 20mg Zinc Sulphate 120ml
Neozinc Tablets 20mg Zinc Sulphate 3x10's
Nitazole Suspension 100mg Nitazoxanide 30ml
Nitazole Tablets 500mgNitazoxanide2x10's
Nytacon LiquidVitamin B 12120ml
Osteoezee Tablets 500mgGlucosamine Sulphate1x10's
Pentidix Capsules 100mgGabapentin1x10's
Pentidix Capsules 300mgGabapentin1x10's
Pentidix Capsules 400mgGabapentin1x10's
Sketeez Tablets 2mgTizanidine1x10's
Topadix Tablets 100mgTopiramate3x10's
Topadix Tablets 50mgTopiramate6x10's
Transadix Capsules 250mgTramexamic Acid10x10's
Transadix Capsules 500mgTramexamic Acid2x10's
Vitaday SyrupVitamin60ml
Vitaday SyrupVitamin120ml
Vitaday–L SyrupVitamin + Lysine120ml
Xanthadix SyrupCough Expectorant120ml
Leucodix Tablets 15mg Folinic Acid (as Calcium Folinate) 1x10's
Neotrexate Tablets 2.5mgMethotrexate3x10's
Neotrop Capsules 5mgTropisteron (as HCl)1x5's
Ondamex Oral Solution 4mg Ondansetron HCl 50ml
Ondamex Tablets 8mg Ondansetron HCl 1x12's
Paminate Capsules 100mgPamidronate (as disodium)1x10's